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About RSOT

We are comprised of a team of coaches that are or were successful shop owners. While many Auto Repair coaching teams can offer inspiration, we offer proven results.

Our History As A NAPA Resource

Being A NAPA Autocare Endorsed Coaching & Marketing Resource-

Repair Shop of Tomorrow was born out of Dave Justice's vision for a comprehensive program that would equip shop owners with the necessary tools for success. During his tenure on the NAPA National Auto Care Advisory Council, Dave recognized the industry's need for such a program. With the launch of his web-based time management system, Labor Profit Management (LPM), in 2013, the path to creating Repair Shop of Tomorrow became clear. LPM gained notable recognition in industry publications, and its national launch by NAPA in 2013 provided shop owners nationwide with the means to measure and manage their labor profits effectively. Following the sale of his stores in 2016, Dave could fully devote himself to his true passion: assisting shop owners in achieving success. Thus, Repair Shop of Tomorrow was established, offering comprehensive programs that encompass expert coaching, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and marketing designed to deliver tangible real-world results. With a commitment to empowering success, Repair Shop of Tomorrow has transformed shop owners' businesses on a national scale, providing the guidance and support needed to thrive in a competitive industry.

Coach Spotlight

Join me in recognizing two coaches this month for outstanding achievements and for continuing to grow and develop our clients' opportunities for success.
Dave Justice | Owner
Congratulations to Coach Roy Foster on earning the prestigious NAPA Auto Care Shop Owner of the Year award! This recognition is a testament to your hard work, dedication, and outstanding contributions to the automotive industry. Your commitment to excellence and providing exceptional service has made a lasting impact on your customers and community. Well done on this well-deserved achievement!
Roy Foster | Coach & Shop Owner
Congratulations to Coach Kathleen Callahan on earning the esteemed AAA Shop of the Year award! This remarkable achievement is a testament to your unwavering commitment to excellence, exceptional service, and dedication to your customers. Your shop's outstanding performance and commitment to delivering top-notch automotive services have truly set you apart. Well done on this well-deserved recognition, and may your success continue to soar!
Kathleen Callahan | Coach & Shop Owner


Are you ready?
Join the prestigious league of winners! Repair Shop of Tomorrow (RSOT) takes immense pride in our clients' outstanding achievements, as several of them have been honored with the prestigious title of NAPA's Shop of the Year. Are you ready to claim your spot in the winner's circle? If you're eager to elevate your auto repair shop to the next level and be next year's champion, then it's time to take action! Contact us today to learn how RSOT's specialized coaching program can guide you towards unparalleled success, helping you become the next celebrated Shop of the Year. Start your journey to greatness now!
I'm Ready

2022 NAPA Auto Care Center of the Year

Donnie and Kristi Hudson, Troy Auto Care 

2022 Female Shop Owner of the Year


Kristi Hudson – Troy Auto Care II


2023 NAPA Auto Care Center of the Year & 2023 AAA Best in Auto Repair

Roy and Jaque Foster, Roy Foster’s Automotive 

The Power of Partnerships

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