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Meet the Coach | Kathleen Callahan

Meet Kathleen Jarosik Callahan, owner of Xpertech Auto Repair and a coach at Repair Shop of Tomorrow. Kathleen’s career in the automotive industry began in 2003 when she and her husband decided to purchase their own shop and relocate from Florida’s Atlantic Coast to the Gulf Coast. Kathleen spent much of her time managing the payroll, accounts payable, and paperwork involved with the operations of the business while also being a part-time stay-at-home mom to their two daughters. 

In 2009, after divorcing, Kathleen purchased the shop from her former husband and began running it as her own. Shortly afterward, she became a Napa Auto Care center and utilized Napa’s extensive benefit and training network to learn and grow in the industry. Kathleen believes this was one of the most pivotal business decisions she has made to date. The program’s benefits helped her become a better manager, leader, and steward in her community. 

In 2015, Kathleen became an ASE certified Service Consultant (C1). Her shop showed consistent growth of around 5% year over year. But since becoming a Platinum Member of Repair Shop of Tomorrow and learning to utilize all the NAPA programs together to optimize profit, growth, and marketing, her shop has increased more than 10% each year. 

Kathleen’s partnership with NAPA has also allowed her to give back to her community over the years. She has supported local schools, held food drives for a local food bank, sponsored fundraiser events for local charity groups, and more. Kathleen was even honored as the recipient of the 2018 Female Shop Owner of the Year award by Women in Auto Care. 

As a coach at Repair Shop of Tomorrow, Kathleen is passionate about helping other shop owners meet and exceed their goals. Her desire to raise the bar for the entire industry and help others succeed aligns with the core values of RSOT. Kathleen believes we are all professionals and deserve to be compensated physically, emotionally, and financially.    

Kathleen Jarosik Callahan is an accomplished auto repair professional with a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry. Her journey from managing the background of a shop to owning and operating her own successful auto repair business is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and willingness to learn. As a coach at Repair Shop of Tomorrow, Kathleen is committed to helping other shop owners achieve the same level of success that she has attained in her career. She understands the challenges that come with owning and operating an auto repair shop and provides valuable insights and strategies to help other shop owners reach their full potential. 

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