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Silver Program

$1,197.00 / month

Position your auto repair shop for success with Repair Shop of Tomorrow’s Silver Program. This comprehensive solution is designed to be the cornerstone of your shop’s growth, featuring personalized coaching, engaging customer newsletters, monthly marketing consultations, dynamic social media marketing, an exclusive Car Care Club program, and monthly 30-minute calls with industry experts.

Key Features of the Silver Program:

· Personalized Coaching Plan: Crafted strategies to enhance your shop’s potential.

· Personalized Newsletter: Keep your clientele informed with captivating newsletters.

· Monthly Marketing Call: Expert guidance to fine-tune your marketing strategies.

· Social Media Marketing: Expand your reach through dynamic social media campaigns.

· Car Care Club: Build customer loyalty with exclusive benefits and incentives.

· Monthly 30-Minute Call: Regular consultations to address your specific needs.

When you invest in Repair Shop of Tomorrow’s Silver Program, you’re investing in the future of your auto repair shop. This comprehensive solution ensures your shop is well-equipped to thrive in the competitive auto repair industry.


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