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Which Learning Track aligns to your Role Best

Our learning tracks

To enroll in our learning tracks, please ensure you have a current subscription to the Repair Shop of Tomorrow Academy and use your coupon code sent to you at purchase to enroll.


All of the System, Operations and Procedures that, when executed as prescribed will result in financial and business success levels never seen before.

Regional Manager

As someone that manages multiple facilities, you will need to have extreme clarity on Systems, Operations and Procedures to ensure that quality is maintained across the enterprise, and RSOT provides the platform.


If you are the person that wants to run the business as if it is your own, leverage our tools to show that you know what it takes to lead by adopting best-in-class processes from RSOT.

Service Advisor

See how the best-in-class businesses function, with all the tools to match their level of success. Learn how to master the mundane and take control of profitability for the entire shop. Learn how its all a simple numbers game, and if you aren’t playing it, you may not be in the game for long!

Customer Service Representative

Operations and Procedures that define how to be the best voice and face of the business, to set the shop up for extreme success, and keep every one of your bays full.


It used to be that being the best at diagnostics and R&R parts was the best value you could bring to an organization. Not any more! We will teach you how to responsible for as much as 80% of the value that comes into a shop, with one single but extremely powerful change!


Being the best at your craft requires setting up the shop for success and providing the shop with the opportunity to succeed. Learn the key lessons to what the best-in-class inspectors do to make a difference.

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