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Our Coaching program includes all our of training, 6 foundation modules, 50+ service specific modules PLUS structured hands on coaching calls, introduction to advanced concepts, access to Mastermind workshops and on-site business analysis with our coaches.

Repair Shop Of Tomorrow offers 2 coaching programs:

Silver Program

Includes a personalized coaching plan, personalized monthly Newsletter, Monthly Marketing call, Social Media Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing and Monthly 45 minute coaching calls.

Learning Management System
  • Repair Order Workflow
  • Predictive Marketing
  • Advisor Academy
  • Driving Profitability
  • DVI Inspection
  • Business Flow Chart
  • Access to 50 Additional Training Modules
  • Proven Shop Marketing Action Plan
  • Designed Direct Mail Marketing
  • Monthly Promotional Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branded Email Marketing
  • Personalized Monthly Newsletter
  • Monthly Marketing Teleconference
  • 30 Minute Monthly Coaching Calls
  • One-On-One Personal Calls
  • Mastermind Seminars
  • Labor Profit Management
  • 50 Car Care Club Membership Cards


12 month commitment – early termination fees apply

Diamond Program

Most of our coaches are “graduates” of the Diamond Level, so ask yourself, how do they own wildly successfully shops AND do coaching for RSOT? Just ask, every one of them will be more than happy to tell you exactly how they achieved that level of financial independence, it’s no mystery.

Includes everything in silver


learning management system







100 car care club membership cards


Additional Coaching Calls – Tailored to client needs


12 Month Commitment – early termination fees apply

Your Future, Your Choice

who we are & what we do

We are a group of current and former shop owners that grew up loving everything about automobiles and auto repair. We jumped into the business for all the right reasons, we were great with wrenches, awesome with customers and a true passion for being the best.

Each one of us found out along the way that being the best at managing the business was, at best, elusive. Dave Justice learned the hard way, after opening his third shop and feeling the pain of that growth, he stepped back from the business, dug deep in the process of educating himself and re-imagined what a successful auto repair shop looked like.

Dave took a keen focus on leveraging software, new techniques, but most especially data analysis. After several years of “tinkering” with his refined “system” and moving all of his stores to the top of the region, he knew he had something. Not content with doing for himself, Dave went on to teach this integrated system to many across the United States as a pilot for what was to come next. Dave’s experiment was fully validated when this test group showed the same, and in some cases, better success. Dave was convinced that this scalable system needed to be in the hands of every business owner that is serious about achieving a level of success that cannot be found with any other “legal” means.

In 2021, Dave and his group of hyper-successful owners turned coaches launched the Repair Shop of Tomorrow Management System. We analyze your shops strengths and weaknesses and act upon that. We are a one-stop shop for managing labor and driving car count through proven marketing methods. Our team of experts have years of experience in the automotive repair shop field and would love to share the things we’ve learned, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes we did!


I became a client in 2016 and haven’t looked back since that very first day. The marketing style is so unlike anything I have done before and it works so well, it’s hard to believe. My coach worked with me to understand and FOCUS on ALL of my KPI’s, develop SOP’s and implement them. Game Changer.

Paradise Automotive

I have been with RSOT for a little over 2 years and they have helped me change my business and my life. I have finally started to make a decent profit after 40 years in business. I enjoy going to work and also know that it is running properly when I am not there. Thanks to Dave and Staff!

Jakes Radiator

I highly recommend Repair Shop of Tomorrow! They have tremendously helped with my business growth and profit. They truly know how to build a successful business and personally coach me each step of the way. Their wealth of information and years of experience in the industry is like no other.

Grand Rapids Motor Car

We have been with RSOT for three years now and I can say it has been the best decision we ever made. RSOT has taught us how to be profitable, market correctly, hire top talent, track the correct KPIs and also how to give back to the community. We can’t be happier to be part of the RSOT family.

Precision Automotive

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