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All System Operations and Procedures


This series of courses will provide you with the discrete elements that go into the system that will help you achieve Best-In-Class results. This segment has both the “What” system elements and the “How” procedures that support the system.

Employees Matter

  • Repair Order Workflow
  • Daily Huddle Survey
  • How to conduct a Monday Morning Meeting
  • How to conduct productive employee reviews
  • Employee Handbooks – Why they are a must, how to get one for your business, and what to include

Not all customer cars are created equal

  • Predictive Marketing & Value Added Proposition
  • How to pull a list of clients from your SMS (TRACS Enterprise)
  • How to pull a list of clients from your SMS (TRACS Legacy)
  • How to pull a list of clients from your SMS (Tekmetric)
  • How to pull a list of clients from your SMS

Data driven businesses win, always and forever

  • Customer post sale survey

  • Interpret Daily Tracker

  • Interpret Manager Sheet


Once you have a robust System, its all Marketing

  •  Content Peace of Mind Warranty – How to use it, and what are the “rules”

  • Gold Program – How do I qualify

  • Tires at Cost Program

  • Free Brakes / Belt & Hose Programs

  • Giveaways & Cross Promotion

  • Newsletter / Formstack

  • Marketing partnerships & how to use effectively (Not Gold benefits)



My name is Corey Evaldi, and my company is Olmsted Auto Care. In February 2017, I joined the group of Repair Shop of Tomorrow (RSOT). Since joining my business and my life has transformed. Our business almost doubled in revenue in the past year. In the beginning our profits were nearly non-existent. Now we are obtaining sustainable profitability. I have grown my staff from 7 employees to now 10.

As a family man, RSOT has shown me a way to run my business and not have the business run me. There is a level of sincerity that cannot be told, but only felt when dealing with them. If any shop owner, vendor, or whomever is interested in taking part of what this group can do, I highly recommend getting started today!

– Corey Evaldi, Owner of Olmsted Auto Care

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